Finished your quilt top? Let us quilt it for you!

Frequently Asked Questions

What do I need to provide?
Please see our “Preparing your Quilt” section for lots of important information

What is your turnaround time?
We are currently running 2-3 weeks on average. If you have a specific date that you need your quilt, please check with us before dropping it off.

What is the cost?
Most designs are $.03 per square inch. We have a few quick stitching designs priced at $.025 per square inch. To estimate the cost for your quilt, measure the length and width of the top.
Multiply length x width x .03 to get the price – for example a top that measures 50″ x 60″ would be 50x60x.03 = $90.00 or 50x60x.025=$75

What batting should I use?
You are welcome to bring any quality quilt batting. If you choose to purchase your batting or backing at Sew Much More, we are happy to give you a 20% discount on them.

I’m ready – how do I get my quilt top to you?
The easiest option is to call for an appointment – that way we will be sure to have someone on hand to meet with you to go over your top, help you choose your design and thread color. We will fill out our intake form to be sure we are all on the same page. We can accommodate most days of the week for appointments.

What designs do you have to choose from?
We have quilted samples of most of our designs in the longarm studio for you to view and choose from. If you would like to get an idea ahead of time, you can click to preview the list of designs built into the Qmatic Software. We do have additional designs that we have purchased available for viewing in person.

Preparing Your Quilt

  • The batting and backing should measure at least 4-6 inches larger than your quilt top on each side. For example, if the quilt measures 60×80, the batting and backing should measure at least 68×88 or larger.
  • Please do not pin or baste your layers together. The three layers are loaded separately onto the longarm when we finish your quilt.
  • Press all seams on the quilt top well. Make sure all seams are securely stitched. Please clip all threads.
  • The quilt needs to be free of any buttons, beads or embellishments.
  • Bedsheets are not suitable for the backing because of the low thread count.
  • Press the seams on your backing open. If at all possible, the seams should run horizontally for the best results. Trim away any selvedges before sewing the seam.
  • If your quilt OR your backing are directional, please mark the top of your quilt and backing with a safety pin