Fabric Cover Lark’s Head Binding Handmade Journal - June 11 & 18 - 1pm - 4pm


The Fabric Cover Larks Head Binding book is a fun, easy book which teaches the concepts of handmade bookmaking and uses envelopes as the pages. The cover of this book will be made from book cloth which you will learn to make from fabric. The binding is an easy to learn, quick binding. Due to the structure of the book, the thread used in binding should be thick waxed thread and the number of envelopes should be kept to 6-8. Use leftover envelopes, make your own from scrapbook paper using your cutting machine, browse Pinterest to find free printable envelopes and create your own, or purchase digital designs from ETSY and print and cut them out. Finished book size: dependent on envelope size and orientation as the pages (signatures) generally determine the size of your book please try to stay under 5 1/2” x 11”.

Teacher: Shelley Panton

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Saturdays, June 11 & 18 - 1pm - 4pm

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