Cork Accordion Pleated Pamphlet Stitch Handmade Journal - August 14 & 21 - 11am - 2pm


The Accordion Pleated Pamphlet Stitch book is a fun, easy book which teaches the concepts of handmade bookmaking. The binding is an easy to learn, quick binding and lends itself well to being decorated. This book will have 5 signatures (think of a signature like a chapter) with a minimum of 6 pieces of paper making 60 pages.

Finished book size: dependent on paper size. (8 3/4’” x 6” if you use stand 8 ½” x 11”). For smaller size you can cut paper down
Cork will be used for the cover of this book.

Teacher: Shelley Panton

Supply List: SMM-Supplies List for AccordionPleatedPamphletStitch – Michelle Panton

Date and Time

August 14 & 21 - 11am - 2pm

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