Add a new Baby Lock machine product

  1. To begin, go to the Products section of the admin control panel.

2. Mouse over and click “add new”. This will bring up a new page where you can add a product.

3. Scroll down to the “product name” and “description” sections. Copy-paste the name and description of the product from the Baby Lock website (You can usually look the description up if you have the name of the product).

4. Scroll down farther, to the “Description” field. NOT “Product Description”, just “Description”. Individually copy and paste the features from farther down on the products page in the Baby Lock website to this section (make sure it’s formatted and readable, try to copy paste around the images and avoid pasting the images themselves. They usually won’t show and it can mess with the formatting).

5. Scroll up a bit on the Baby Lock website and copy+paste the the video links to the “Videos” section.

6. Don’t forget to download the images from the Baby Lock website and add it to this product’s gallery. (I recommend keeping a separate folder of BabyLock machine images on your computer with separate images for each machine, to avoid cluttering.)

7. Finally, click on the “PDF Downloads” section on the Baby Lock website. Copy+paste the links, as well as the little pdf icon, to the “PDF Links” section on the new product. After this, you should be done.

8. Click the Publish or Update button (depending on what you’re doing) to save the changes.

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